time flies

TIME FLIES is the English version of the German game Activity

If you´ve drawn “Toad-in-the-Hole”and the shout”Leapfrog”… If you´re describing”Cock-and-bull-story”and they can´t stop laughing… If you´re impersonating a “Jelly-baby”and they think you´re Elvis… …then you´re playing TIME FLIES! You´ve got SIXTY SECONDS to draw, mime or humilate your way around the board before TIME FLIES, and your biggest problem is how to stop laughing! All you need to play TIME FLIES is a crazy sense of imagination, a total lack of self-repect and no inhibitions whatsoever! (You´ll also need plenty of time because when TIME FLIES, you´ll want to play again and again!) Contents: 220 game cards, Game board, 4 playing pieces,Timer, Rules. Note: pencil and paper required for this game.


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